I am Trans Enough!

Gender dysphoria involves a conflict between a person’s physical or assigned gender and the gender with which they identify.

Identity Clash

Identity Clash: beyond awkwardness! Life is the greatest teacher, most of all when we don’t want to learn. It’s only our adamancy on not to go through, that we fail to accept what is meant to be expected.
“People who don’t have gender dysphoria aren’t going to catch it by watching me dance on television.” Chaz Bono, American Actor

Gender Reassignment

Sex reassignment surgery or SRS  is the surgical procedure  by which a transgender person’s physical appearance and function of their existing sexual characteristics are altered to resemble that socially associated with their identified gender. It is part of a treatment for gender dysphoria in transgender people.


In the trans community, ‘transition’ means changing so that you live in a way which is aligned with your gender identity. This can have several phases, which can be completed independently of each other.

Social Transition

This is the process of adjusting how you exist in society to match your gender identity

Legal Transition

This is the formal process of changing your documents and legal records of identity

Medical Transition

This is the process of changing your body physically, through hormone therapy or surgery

Hormone replacement therapy

In this, sex hormones and other hormonal medications are administered to transgender.

Permanent hair reduction

Hairs are removes with laser hair removal, electrolysis, or intense pulsed light

Changing Voice

Here changing of one’s speaking and singing voice with voice training

People Undergone Reassignment

Chaz Bono

American Advocate, Writer, Musician and Actor

“Gender is between your Ears and not between your Legs.”

Caitlyn Jenner

American Actress , and Olympic Gold Medalis

“Who she want to be is who she should be.”

Kiana Chapman

American Reality Television Personality, Model

“I am what i  feel and I am not what you see. ”